West Parkland Gas Co-op

West Parkland Gas Co-op Ltd. has been utilizing an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system to retrieve the meter readings from the natural gas meters each month without having to enter yards.

Unfortunately, in the winter of 2021/22, our AMR systems experienced widespread failures due to extreme cold temperatures. Although we are actively replacing these AMR transmitters on our gas meters, we have discovered continued failures with additional transmitters.

The current product was designed to have a 20-year life span; however, they have been failing much sooner than anticipated leaving us in this situation.  This issue is affecting most natural gas providers in Alberta.

We are actively working to resolve this issue by upgrading the meters with new AMRs. We are researching possible systems to upgrade our current system to and return to a more efficient and effortless meter reading system that will provide actual, accurate meter reads for our members. 

Due to this challenge of not being able to remotely read all gas meters, we are requesting that our membership provide a physical meter read during the last week of each month.  This will avoid having an estimated gas usage on your bill.  If your bill states ‘Actual Read’ under Code heading (see sample below), no meter reading is required.  The meter read can be sent to us by phoning the office 24 hours/day (780-963-3311) or emailing reads@westparklandgas.com or using ‘Submit meter read’ form. We have included a photo of where to find the meter read information on the gas meter.