West Parkland Gas Co-op

West Parkland Gas

Co-op – equality for members

West Parkland Gas Co-op utilizes the cooperative principle of Democratic member control, or one member/one vote. Each customer is a member and owner of the business.  Each co-op member has an equal say as every other member of the cooperative. Members are encouraged to attend the co-op’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) where they can exercise their right to vote, for example on proposed bylaw changes or for members of the Board.  The AGM is typically held in the month of March or April.

Board Composition

Nine directors serve on the West Parkland Board. Each director is elected by and from the membership and each is elected for a 3-year term. 

For more information on our director election process click on the following link:


Election of Directors

Role of the Board

The board provides oversight, leadership, direction and policy setting.  It is also responsible for hiring the co-op’s manager and for establishing the annual budget.