West Parkland Gas Co-op

Wholesale Cost of Gas (WHSE GAS RATE)

West Parkland passes the wholesale cost of gas without mark-up onto the consumer.

Your gas costs are based on the amount of energy you use, measured in gigajoules (GJ). Usage however is measured by volume in cubic feet. This gas volume measurement needs to be multiplied by a conversion factor to give us the energy used in gigajoules (GJ).

The energy or heat content of natural gas varies because natural gas has minor variations in the amount and types of energy gases (methane, ethane, propane, butane) it contains: the more combustible gases in the natural gas, the higher the GJ value.  West Parkland Gas Co-op Ltd. measures and corrects for these variances on a daily basis.


Costs of Delivery

The costs of delivery incurred by West Parkland for its customer care and natural gas distribution services are recovered through two surcharges; “Co-op Distribution Cost” and “Co-op Base Cost”.  and must be recovered to ensure natural gas is available when you need it.

Co-op Distribution Cost (VARI DIST CHG)

This is a variable cost dependent upon the number of gigajoules of energy consumed during the month.

Co-op Base Cost (MONTH FIXED CHG)

This is a fixed monthly cost independent of the number of gigajoules consumed.

Reserve Account Charge (RESERVE CHARGE)

Pursuant to the Rural Utilities Act, all natural gas cooperatives in Alberta must maintain a reserve account. Even though West Parkland Gas Co-op Ltd. has an extensive maintenance and renewal program in place for our infrastructure, we also need to be prepared to respond to the unexpected issues that may arise despite the best possible planning. With long term strategic planning in mind, the Board has determined that the Co-op’s reserve account should be increased over the next few years.

Stony Plain Municipal Franchise Fee (L.A.F. 35%)

This fee is set by your municipality, partly as a charge for locating facilities on municipal rights-of-way. This charge is only applicable to residents of the Town of Stony Plain. West Parkland Gas remits this amount to the town of Stony Plain.

Pay After Due Date

The amount due if payment not made prior to or by the “Due Date” indicated on the billing statement.

Due Date

The date by which the “amount now due” is payable.

Amount Now Due

The current month’s billing amount if payment made by the “Due Date”; it is the sum of the “Current Charges” and the GST.

Account Number

The account number is consumer’s unique identification number.

Tap #

Natural Gas is provided to West Parkland Gas Co-op through various entry points within its franchise area.  The point of entry (Tap) is important to your billing statement as there are variations in heat value dependent on the source of the natural gas.  These variations in heat value are compensated for on an individual tap basis.

Meter #

The number stamped onto the plate affixed to the front of the consumer’s natural gas meter.

Amount Paid

Entered by the consumer – it is the amount that the consumer is submitting as payment for the current statement.

P. Read

Date and previous month’s natural gas meter reading expressed in units of “thousand cubic feet”.

P. P. Read

Date and reading from the consumer’s gas meter two month’s previous as expressed in “thousand cubic feet”.


The volume as expressed in thousands of cubic feet is calculated as the difference between the previous months meter reading (P. Read) and the reading from the month previous to the previous month (“P.P. Read).

Metric Conversion

The conversion factor, expressed in decimal units, is used to convert the meter from “cubic feet” to a “billing factor”.

Billing Factor

The “Billing Factor” is the result of multiplying the “volume” (cubic feet) by the metric conversion factor.

Heat Value

Heat content values.

GJ Consumption

The “GJ Consumption” is the calculated from the “Volume” as expressed in “cubic feet” multiplied by the “metric conversion” factor multiplied by the “heat value”.

Current Charges

The current charges are sum of the following:

  • Amount (in gigajoules) of natural gas consumed multiplied by the wholesale cost of gas
  • Co-op distribution charges
  • Co-op base charges
  • Reserve Account Charge
  • Stony Plain Municipal Franchise Fee (if applicable)


Please refer to the “Rates and Charges” page for the charges assessed for the following:

  • NSF Charges
  • Lock off notification
  • Disconnect
  • Reconnect
  • Billing arrears


Interest on overdue accounts is 2% / month.
Payments that are received after the due date are not shown on the next bill.